Congenital pseudoarthrosis of the clavicle; a rare case


  • Salman Ghaffari
  • Masoud Shayesteh Azar mazandaran university of medical science
  • Mohammad Hossein Karimi Nasab
  • Seyed Mohamad Mehdi Daneshpoor



pseudoarthrosis, Congenital, clavicle


Congenital pseudoarthrosis of clavicle is a rare disease. It usually presents as a swelling in the clavicular region at birth or soon after birth. CPC first reported by FitzWilliams in 1910. In this anomaly, conduction is caused by extrinsic pressure exerted on the budding clavicle by the adjacent pulsatile subclavian artery. The best time for surgery and the best method of surgery is controversial. Surgical indication for many authors is the presence of symptoms, functional impairment or cosmetic deformities. We present a 10 years old girl with a focal painless swelling in the midpoint of the right clavicle at finally diagnosed Congenital pseudoarthrosis of clavicle. We operated the patient and removed dense fibrotic tissue, clavicle ends freshed and bone was fixed with plate. According to our results, we recommend ORIF of clavicle with local bone graft because of complete united bone without iliac crest bone graft and its morbidity. Finally we suggest usage of locking plate because of osteoporotic nature of this condition.

Author Biography

Masoud Shayesteh Azar, mazandaran university of medical science

orthopaedic resident


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