Contributions of Nurses in Health Education of Patients with Heart Failure


  • Maurício Caxias de Souza
  • Sérgio Ribeiro dos Santos
  • Ericka Silva Holmes Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.
  • Wilma Dias de Fontes Pereira
  • Aurilene Josefa Cartaxo Gomes de Arruda
  • Leila de Cássia Tavares da Fonsêca
  • Felicidade Ferreira Amorim Casanova
  • Thássia Christina Azevedo da Silva
  • Thais Dandara Azevedo da Silva
  • Gerson da Silva Ribeiro
  • Nereide de Andrade Virgínio
  • Claudia Germana Virgínio de Souto
  • Giselma Leite da Silva
  • Leandro Bulhões de Lemos Moraes
  • Marília Roberta Freitas de Vasconcélos
  • Gyl Dayara Alves de Carvalho
  • Laura Cristhiane Mendonça Rezende Chaves
  • Kirlene Scheyla Viana Chianca
  • Luciara Cristina Ferreira dos Santos
  • Saneyde de Carvalho Almeida
  • Rozileide Martins Simões Candeia



Objective: to identify how health education actions performed by the nursing professional contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of patients with heart failure.

Method: Integrative review built from the following question: What contributions of the nurse in the health education of patients with heart failure? Made in the PUBMED, LILACS and SciELO Virtual Library databases. The studies were analyzed and presented in a descriptive and table format.

Results: 8 studies were the sample. It was possible to identify that the actions of health education developed by nurses to patients with heart failure provide integration of the patients with the family, behavior change and acquisition of healthy habits.

Conclusions: The nurse is a protagonist in the dissemination of knowledge through consultations with people with HF, actions that stimulate self-care, promoting changes that impact on the quality of life of these patients.

Author Biography

Ericka Silva Holmes, Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.

PhD student in Decision Models and Health at the Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.







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