Nursing Professionals’ Conception on Palliative Care

  • Yullia Abreu Viana
  • Leila de Cássia Tavares da Fonsêca
  • Solange Fátima Geraldo da Costa
  • Francileide de Araújo Rodrigues
  • Hyalle Abreu Viana
  • Alyne Fernandes Bezerra Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.
  • Wanessa Toscano Cavalcante
  • Sérgio Ribeiro dos Santos
  • Maurício Caxias de Souza
  • Rozileide Martins Simões Candeia
  • Ericka Silva Holmes
  • Jaqueline Brito Vidal Batista
  • Iolanda Beserra da Costa Santos
  • Aurilene Josefa Cartaxo Gomes de Arruda
  • Humberto Hugo Nunes de Andrade
  • Jaqueline Silva de Almeida
  • Geandro da Cunha Silva
  • Wellyson Souza do Nascimento
  • Kirlene Scheyla Viana Chianca
  • Helida Maria Fernandes Brasil


Introduction: palliative care are a type of care directed to people with diseases without therapeutic possibility of cure, guided by a philosophy that emphasizes comprehensive care to the person, as opposed to actions that only seek a cure. According to the WHO, palliative care seeks quality of life of both patients and their families, from measures aimed at the prevention and relief of suffering. Objective: to verify nursing professionals’ concept on palliative care and determine how nursing professionals use palliative care in patients without therapeutic possibilities of cure. Method: field study, exploratory, qualitative, conducted with 30 nursing professionals from a public hospital, using a questionnaire, during July and August 2013. This study was approved by the CEP of the HULW/UFPB, CAAE number: 16841113.6.0000.5183. Results: four core ideas were extracted: Care focused on improving the quality of life of patients and families in coping terminal diseases; Essential care regardless of diagnosis; Palliative care is aimed at patients without therapeutic possibilities of cure and at terminal phase; Routine care promotion with gestures of love and physical and spiritual support. Conclusion: The concept of nursing professionals on palliative care is fragile and insufficient.

Dec 19, 2016
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palliative care; nursing; terminal care; chronic disease.

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