Using the Questioning Method in the Training Nursing Professionals

  • Girzia Sammya Tajra Rocha UFPI/BRASIL
  • Benevina Maria Vilar Teixeira Nunes UFPI
  • Elizabeth Soares Oliveira de Holanda Monteiro UFPI
  • Lourival Gomes Silva Júnior IFPI


Education is a strategy within society to facilitate that each individual may reach their full potential, and to encourage them to collaborate with others in actions aimed at the common well-being. The objectives were to analyze scientific knowledge production on questioning method and its use in nursing education. The methodological strategy was the integrative review. Using the combinations among the keywords: questioning methodology and nursing. Data were dealt with from the technique of content analysis in the thematic analysis modality. 19 articles were analyzed where they rectify the interface between using the questioning methodology and nursing education and describe the factors associated to this theme. Even considering the questioning methodology as a viable path in the current context, there must be a constant commitment in reviewing the used processes, in order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses, with views to their improvement.

Sep 15, 2016
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Medical Education


Teaching; Education in Nursing; Learning.