Sociodemographic Situation of Elderly Affected by Systemic Arterial Hypertension


  • Gláucia de Souza Abreu Alencar Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Betânia Maria Pereira dos Santos Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Maria do Carmo Andrade Duarte Farias Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Gustavo de Alencar Figueiredo Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Anahi Cezar de Lima Lins Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Heloisa Helena Alves Andrade Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Nívia Maria da Silva Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Jessika Lopes Figueredo Pereira Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Anne Milane Formiga Bezerra Faculdades Integradas de Patos
  • Sayonara Mary Vieira de Sá Universidade Federal da Paraíba.
  • Kamila Nethielly Souza Leite Faculdades Integradas de Patos.
  • Danilo Cleber N. de Lima Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Katiana Macêdo Duarte Universidade Federal de Campina Grande.
  • Alessandro Leite Cavalcanti Universidade Estadual da Paraíba.



Prevalence; Arterial Hypertension; Elderly., Prevalence, Arterial hypertension, Elderly.


Objective: To investigate the occurrence of systemic hypertension in elderly in Cajazeiras County - PB. Methodology: descriptive study, exploratory, cross-sectional, of quantitative approach. A random sample totaled in 348 elderly assisted by Family Health Strategy – FHS at Cajazeiras County - PB. For the analysis, it was used a statistical package, the Statistical Package for Social Sciences, descriptive simple statistics (frequency / percentage). Results: There was a high prevalence of hypertension (73.9%), there was a predominance of males (77.3%), higher incidence of hypertension among the elderly aged ≤ 71 (75.0%), live in rural areas (79.2%), live with his/her partner (77.4%) and income ≤ 1 minimum wage (76.1%). Conclusion: Health professionals, especially nurses, should understand the limitations and disabling aspects faced by the elderly, preventing proper treatment of hypertension and satisfactory lifestyle to disease prevention and health promotion, creating strategies to mitigate or remedy these difficulties.



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