Work. Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Urban Cleaning.


Introduction: The work raises the dignity of man, but it is also a tool to develop diseases, which can also be identified among the agents of urban cleaning.

Goals: To assess the prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms in urban cleaning workers; checking the musculoskeletal symptoms related to work; ascertaining body regions that show most often pain, discomfort or numbness caused by the occupation; correlating musculoskeletal symptoms with age, income and working time in months.

Method: This is a descriptive, transversal study with quantitative approach. The research was conducted with employees of public cleaning in Patos county, Paraíba. Forty-five cleaning agents responded to the validated instrument called Nordic Musculoskeletal Symptoms Questionnaire. Data were tabulated through Microsoft Excel® software, version 2007 and the Statistical Package for Social Sciences program (SPSS - version 21.0). Means were collected, minimum and maximum, median and standard deviation. In parallel was adopted inferential statistics.

Results: It was found that most (60%) presents at least one complaint against pain requiring within the working hours. The regions of the body that present most often pain, discomfort or numbness caused by the occupation were: lumbar region (37.8%), hip / lower limbs (26.7%), dorsal region (24.4%) shoulder (17.8%), wrists / hands / fingers (13.3%). There was no correlation between musculoskeletal symptoms with age, income and working time in months.

Conclusion: The results presented in this study are relevant and confirm the need for interventions in health and the development of new studies with the group of workers as well as suggest the implementation of programs such as work gymnastics.

Author Biography

Elicarlos Marques Nunes, Faculdades Integradas de Patos, Paraíba, Brasil

Nurse. Master in Public Health. Assistance in Emergency Mobile Service and Teacher of Nursing and Public Health.


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