The Relationship between Types of Hair Coloring with Hair Damages and Scalp Problems in Medical Students of University Sumatera Utara, Indonesia


  • Nelva Karmila Jusuf
  • Yujinee Devi A/P Subramaniam



Hair Coloring, Hair Damages, Scalp Problems


Introduction: Hair coloring is used to enhance beauty. It consist of two types, non permanent and permanent. Hair coloring could cause hair damages and scalp problems. The aim of our study is to study the relationship between type of hair coloring and hair damages and/ or scalp problems.
Method: It was an analytic study with cross-sectional method. This study was done in Faculty of Medicine in University Sumatera Utara (USU), Indonesia using total sampling technique.
Results: Of 300 students from batch 2011-2013 who performed hair coloring, 231 students (77,0%) experienced hair damages. The type of hair damages mostly found were the combination of split ends and hair loss in 96 students (41.5%). 193 students (64,3%) experienced scalp problems, the commonest being scaly scalp in 87 students (45.1%). Relationship between type of hair coloring with hair damages and scalp problems both were statistically significant (p=0,0001).
Conclusion: It was concluded there is a significant relationship between hair coloring with hair damages and scalp problems.