Accidents by Sharp Instruments of Nursing Professionals in a Hospital Unit

  • Davydson Gouveia Santos
  • Soraya Maria de Medeiros
  • Ana Elisa Pereira Chaves
  • Yanna Gomes de Sousa
  • Ana Carolina Ribeiro Silva
  • Rejane Maria Paiva de Menezes
  • Marília Souto de Araújo


Objective: To analyze the records of work accidents involving nursing professionals by sharp instruments according to the Notifiable Diseases Information System (SINAN).


Method: Descriptive and documentary research with a quantitative approach, performed in an Emergency and Trauma Hospital in a Northeast Brazil city in May 2015. Data collection was conducted from work accident records maintained by the Epidemiology sector of the hospital, for the period from 2010 to 2014. The sample was the result of 152 forms.


Results: The highest prevalence year of accidents in nursing professionals with sharp instruments was 2014 with 57 cases. On the types of exposure involving biological materials, contact with blood remains the organic material where professionals are more vulnerable to contamination. Situations leading sharp injuries are intravenous drugs (14%), followed by a venous/arterial puncture for blood collection (14%), the venous/arterial puncture unspecified (17.5%) and by improper disposal of sharps in the workbenches, beds, or on the floor (12.25%). As regards the causal agent of biological material by accident, there is a prevalence of accidents involving lumen needles, especially between 2013 (51.3%) and 2014 (61.25%).



Conclusion: This study enabled to understand better the importance records with accidents caused by sharp instruments and the importance of the indicators analysis so preventive measures can be implemented and the occurrence of accidents are minimized through preventive actions.


May 30, 2016
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Internal Medicine & Hospital Medicine


Occupational Accidents. Sharp instruments. Nursing professionals

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