Mapping of Scientific Production on Metabolic Syndrome Related to Anthropometric Aspects: a Systematic Review


  • Dayse Christina Rodrigues Pereira Luz
  • Danilo Ferreira de Sousa
  • Anderson Marcos Vieira do Nascimento
  • Raimundo Luan Souza Alencar
  • Wilma José de Santana
  • Cíntia de Lima Garcia
  • Edna Mori
  • Tereza Maria Siqueira Nascimento Arrais
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto



Metabolic syndrome x, Neck, Anthropometry


Metabolic syndrome (MS) can be defied as a set of risk factors such as central obesity, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and increased blood pressure. In this context, anthropometric measures can relate to some of these factors and neck circumference an alternative and innovative approach. This study aims to map the scientifi
production of the last three years on metabolic syndrome related to anthropometric aspects. A systematic review was conducted in SciELO databases, PubMed and MEDLINE using as descriptors in DeCS (MeSH) - Health Sciences: “syndrome x metabolicâ€, “neckâ€Â and “anthropometry†with publications of the last three years. 517
references were found and only 14 met the established criteria. Over 70% of production is in a foreign language and most authors agree that neck circumference is signifiantly associated with metabolic syndrome and which is a useful tool in the identifiation of metabolic syndrome. It highlights the importance of further development of studies on this issue that can guide strategic actions especially at the primary care level in the prevention of risk factors associated with MS.







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