A Patient Perception as a Nursing Care in Emergency Sector


  • Tiago de Sousa Barros Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - UFPE
  • Maria Divina dos Santos Borges Farias
  • Ana Manuelle Leitão Pereira
  • Dyullia de Araújo Pereira
  • Francisca Lorenne Mendes Castro
  • Natália Oliveira de Freitas
  • Vanessa Vieira França
  • Ester Marcele Ferreira de Melo
  • Iris Nayara da Conceição Souza Interaminense
  • Luana Padilha da Rocha
  • Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo
  • Steffany de Almeida Ferreira
  • Sonia Samara Fonseca de Morais
  • Leângela Michela Ferreira de Sousa
  • Francisca Alana de Lima Santos
  • Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo




Emergencies, Nursing Care, Humanization of Assistance, Nursing


The work process by nurses in the emergency sector is comprised of two complementary dimensions, managing and caring. Therefore,
the aim of this study was Know the perception of patients to the support of the nursing assistance in Emergency sector. This is a field research, exploratory, descriptive qualitative approach. The survey was conducted in Dr. Luiz Milton Arêa Leão Hospital - Satélite, located in the city of Teresina - PI, Brazil, which caters exclusively by the Unified Health System, and reference in its coverage area.

We interviewed thirteen (13) patients who remained in observation in the emergency sector in that hospital. For this study was used as a criterion for inclusion of service users who entered the emergency sector in the periodMarch-April 2014 and who remained in the sector at the time of the interview.  A pilot test was conducted with the instrument to validate and suitability for the target audience, which is excluded from the sample. 

Ethical aspects were respected, as provided for in Resolution 466/2012 of the National Health Council, Brazil (2013). In this sense, we observed through the reports of the participants carrying out a qualified nursing care, where it identified a good conduct of professionals to provide the necessary assistance. A nursing care and systematic termination  during the stay of patients in hospital was evidenced. It is perceived  that there is a satisfaction from patients and the care of the
nursing team, which is performed through actions inherent to these professionals, such as goodwill, the act of providing a welcoming atmosphere, with technical scientific background, and ability in dealing with conflict situations and ethical.

Author Biography

Tiago de Sousa Barros, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - UFPE

Departamento de Enfermagem. Saúde Sexual e Reprodutiva. Educação em Saúde. Saúde do Adolescente.






Anesthesiology & Emergency Medicine