Migration, Integration and Health for Aging LgbtQ2 Populations in the eu:a Strengths-based Approach to Policy


  • Greyson Jones
  • Jacqueline Gahagan




LGBTQ2, aging, health policy, migration, healthy aging, EU.


hat is often absent in accounts of LGBTQ2 migration experiences are the roles of policies and legislations in the regulation of sexual and gender minoritized populations’ movements across borders. Specifically, many health policies can simultaneously impact on access to and uptake of health services and thereby influence health outcomes among older LGBTQ2 populations. In this paper we offer an analysis of the ways in which current policies and legislation within select European Union (EU) states can impact on freedom of mobility; recognition of same-sex partners and gender-identity in receipt of social benefits; social and labour market integration; language and cultural competency; anti-discrimination policies in health and care; healthy aging initiatives; and the mainstreaming of health policies versus targeted health intervention policies could potentially impact the flow of migration of older LGBTQ2 individuals between select Member States and outside of them. In the following synthesis, we argue the need to approach health policies from ‘strengths-based’ approaches within a life course framework in exploring the development and implementation of policies surrounding the healthy aging of older LGBTQ2 people; and to articulate how policies surrounding these issues could influence the migration of older LGBTQ2 individuals and their families. We argue that there is a need to develop both mainstream and targeted-intervention policies, and direct future research towards the assessment of the specific health needs and initiatives for aging LGBTQ2 populations both in Canada and in EU Member States with comparable health systems.






Global Health & Health Policy