An Updated Census of the Edition of 1555 of Andreas Vesalius' De Humani Corporis Fabrica in the United States of America


  • Stephen N. Joffe Joffe Foundation
  • Veronica Buchanan Henry Winkler Center for the History of Health Professions, Albert Sabin Way, Cincinnati



Anatomy, Bones, Census, Dissection, Human, Vesalius, Printing, Illustrations, Physicians


The purpose of this study was to update the locations in the United States of America (USA) of the second edition (1555) of the De Humani Corporis Fabrica written by Vesalius.

Contacts were made with institutions of higher learning, museum libraries, and libraries of national collections, libraries of research institutions, antique book dealers, internet searches, book auctions and private collectors.

A total of 58 copies of the 1555 Fabrica were found in 49 University and Institutional Libraries in USA. The earlier census underreported 29% of the locations of these volumes.

The majority of the original locations published by Cushing seventy years ago have remained in current collections. 

Location in private collections was more difficult to determine and accounts for 15% of the second edition books in the census.

Author Biography

Stephen N. Joffe, Joffe Foundation

Esteemed Quondam Professor of Surgery, University of Cincinnati Medical Center


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