Impacts of Alcoholism in Public Health, a Systematic Review


  • Paula Pessoa Pinheiro
  • Dara Almeida Maurício de Alencar
  • João Vitor Cândido Pimentel
  • Paulo Victor Ataliba Morais
  • Cícero Roberto Pinheiro Grangeiro Júnior
  • Ana Lívia Alencar Coelho
  • Luiza Beatriz Bezerra Falcão
  • Cláudio Gleidiston Lima da Silva
  • Maria do Socorro Vieira dos Santos
  • Sonilde Saraiva Januário
  • Edglê Pedro de Sousa Filho
  • Uilna Natércia Soares Feitosa
  • Emídio Antonio de Araújo Neto
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto


Alcoholism, Public Health, Other Drugs.


Background: Alcoholism is one of the main public health problems in the world. Thereby, there are important consequences related to this issue. Objective: It was realized a systematic review of articles on the vulnerability factors for alcoholism, as well as possible treatments for this disorder. Methods: It was made a systematic review of SCOPUS database’s articles from January 1, 2010 to August 7, 2014. Search terms were “Alcoholism†(medical subject headings [MeSH]) and “Public Health†(MeSH). The search was restricted to the five journals with more publications on the subject in the last five years. 37 met the eligibility criteria. Results: Alcoholism is associated with several factors that impact the public health. Studies covered most of these factors, such as The Youth Alcohol Abuse, Socioeconomic Impacts, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Alcohol and Psychological Disorders, Personal causes and consequences of alcohol abuse, the physiological effects of alcohol abuse and also Treatment of Alcoholism. Conclusion:  It is important to diagnose the main factors related to the alcoholism as well as viable ways of treating it, in order to avoid its consequences.






Global Health & Health Policy

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