Ebola: an international public health emergency


  • Matheus Felipe Aguiar Santos
  • Antonio Gilvan Teixeira Júnior
  • Jucier Gonçalves Júnior
  • Marcus Rafael Lobo Bezerra
  • Marcial Moreno Moreira
  • Regiane Teixeira Silveira
  • Jesus de Sousa Cartaxo
  • Jorge André Cartaxo Peixoto
  • João Marcos Ferreira de Lima Silva
  • Francisco Antônio Vieira dos Santos
  • Cicera Janielly de Matos Cassiano
  • Patricia Gonçalves Pinheiro
  • Carlos Augusto Carvalho de Vasconcelos
  • Modesto Leite Rolim-Neto




Ebola, Infectious disease, WHO


The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa could become one of the worst infectious-disease-driven humanitarian crises of recent times. With more than 3000 deaths since the first case was confirmed in March 2014, the international community has recognized Ebola as a public health emergency of international concern and a clear threat to global health security. The complexity of dealing with this Ebola outbreak has highlighted the need for traditional actors, such as WHO and the CDC, to embrace the wider health and humanitarian community. The epidemic reinforces the need for nations to investment in health infrastructure and disease surveillance to keep pace with other developments in Africa. If Ebola arrives in high-income and middleincome nations, it should be contained quickly. The crisis shows the importance of sufficient levels of multilateral funding for WHO. The world needs a strong WHO, with the financing and political influence to fulfil its historic mission.






Global Health & Health Policy

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