Variation of hepatic enzymes with Vitamin B12 and D3 levels in cirrhotic patients


  • Hasnain Abbas Dharamshi
  • Tufail Raza
  • Farwa Fatima
  • Amber Batool
  • Syeda Sara Fatima
  • Syed Mohammad Ali Abidi
  • Kiran Fatima
  • Ahmed Aziz Siddiqui
  • Mir Ali Raza Talpur
  • Ahmad Faraz
  • Tahira Naqvi



Cirrhosis, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, ALT, GGT, Alkaline phosphatase


OBJECTIVE: To determine variation of hepatic enzymes Vitamin B12 and D3 levels in cirrhotic patients.

DESIGN: Cross sectional study.

SETTING: Cirrhotic patients in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

PARTICIPANTS: 250 patients in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital with diagnosis of cirrhosis including 141 males and 109 females.

VARIABLE PARAMETERS: They include mean ALT, GGT, Alkaline phosphatase levels along with Vitamin B12 and D3 levels in blood.

RESULTS: Vitamin B12 levels were 1249.59±487.01pg/ml and 1422.28±627.75pg/ml in males and females respectively while Vitamin D3 levels were found to be 17.15±10.45 nmol/L in males and 14.80±14.24 nmol/L in females. Vitamin B12 levels were found to be positively correlated with the elevation of ALT and were negatively correlated with elevation of ALT, GGT and Alkaline Phosphatase. The ALT levels were 50.0±21.88 in males and 14.80±14.24 in females, Alkaline phosphatase to be 311.46±107.98 in males while female Alkaline phosphatase were 346.47±101.60. GGT levels to be 41.70±10.62 in males and 45.01±13.74 in females.

CONCLUSION: Cirrhotic patients suffering from severe hepatocellular damage have their elevated levels of Vitamin B12 and depressed Vitamin D3 levels in plasma accompanied by a positive association with elevated ALT and GGT plasma levels







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